AED Trainers Features

✓  Easy-to-update with current CPR guidelines
✓  Easy-to-follow Voice Instructions in 2 languages
✓  5 Pre-Configured SHOCK SCENARIOS
✓  Compatible with any CPR manikins
PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer and PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer

Pre-connected Pads

✓ Pad Sensing System – Use with almost any CPR manikin
✓ Silicone-based adhesive – easy application & removal with no residue
✓ Child defibrillation
✓ Can be used approximately 100 times

AED Trainers that come close to a Live AED

✓ Closely resemble Live AED in size and weight
✓ Semi or fully automatic shocking
✓ Compression metronome
✓ Rescue breaths


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