PRESTAN Professional’s high-performance training pads feature clear anatomical placement graphics and a long-life adhesive.

The pads are made of the same foam material used in live AED pads and conform well to all CPR manikins on the market today. The pad’s silicone-based adhesive, coupled with their foam structure, ensure easy application and removal from your manikin.

The manufacturer states that they are good for at least 25 sticks and release AED training skill sessions, but we’ve used them for many more than that! The AED training pads ship in a zippered plastic bag, but once connected, stay clean and protected in the unit’s training pad case.

*Pads are for training purposes only and cannot be used to deliver a defibrillation shock.


  • Fits Prestan AED Trainers
  • Includes pad sensor
  • Easy and clean removal from manikins
  • Works with any brand manikin
  • Latex-free silicone adhesive
  • 4x Pairs/set