In classes where there is more than one student per manikin, there is a need for a balance between protecting the student and giving the student a realistic experience.

This is a 50 pack of Filtered Face Shields for Prestan Professional CPR Manikins. If manikins are shared during your training class, you’ll want to use a filtered face shield to minimize the risk of cross-contamination between students. The Prestan face shield makes it easy and since it’s secured to the manikin, it won’t slip. No need for adhesives! Your students will spend less time distracted by an unruly barrier and more time practicing their skills.

Every CPR/AED instructor wants the best outcome when and if the student has a real-life experience giving CPR. This face shield, placed over the manikin’s face, allows each student to practice CPR, be protected, and have the benefit of a realistic experience of a full chest rise.
50 pack face shields for Prestan Child Manikins.


  • Professional Child Face Shields by Prestan Products (50 Pack)
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • 50x Child manikin face-shields