PRESTAN General AED Trainers

The AED Trainer scenario doesn’t advance past “put pads on the manikin”.

The program stopping before analyzation means there is an issue with either the pads or the cables. PRESTAN training pads have a unique and patented sensing system. Be sure that the sensor, the round disk in the center of the training pad’s adhesive side, is firmly adhered to a surface. For additional troubleshooting, please reference the PRESTAN AED Trainers Troubleshooting Guide in the PRESTAN Resource Center.

How long will my AED Trainer pads last?

The adhesive on the back of PRESTAN Pads will last approximately 100 applications with proper care. Remove and discard the plastic protective film from new pads and adhere the pads to the insides of the Pad Case (Professional) / Pad Card (UltraTrainer) to keep the adhesive clean between uses.

What do I do when my AED Trainer pads no longer stick to the manikin?

AED Trainer Pads are a consumable item and are not covered under warranty. Replacement pads may be purchased from your PRESTAN Authorized Distributor.

Will the AED Trainer pads work on a manikin that isn’t manufactured by PRESTAN?

Yes, the special adhesive works best on PRESTAN manikin skin, but it has been tested with other manikins and will work fine with most.

Will the PRESTAN Remote for the AED Trainer work with more than one AED Trainer?

The PRESTAN AED Trainer Remote will control all the AED Trainers within its signal range. The range extends from the remote in a “V” pattern, widening with distance. The depth of the range will vary, extending 10-20 feet away from the remote (a hard-surfaced floor will bounce the signal and may allow the depth of the range to extend 20 feet while a carpeted floor will absorb the signal, keeping the depth of the range closer to 10 feet).

What is the difference between the PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer PLUS and the PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer?

Both trainers have similar features. The Professional PLUS is an upgraded product (the original Professional AED Trainer is no longer available) and offers a larger and more realistic size and weight in comparison to a live AED. The Professional PLUS is also compatible with a remote control (included with KIT or may be purchased separately). The UltraTrainer is a more compact unit that can be operated from its soft case.

Are the AED Trainer pads interchangeable between the PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer PLUS and the PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer?

Yes. Either pad will work with either trainer. However, you may notice a difference in how they fit into the pad storage areas. PRESTAN is now offering only one Training Pad for the AED Trainers. It may go by different part numbers, but it is the same pad. It fits both the Professional AED Trainer PLUS and the PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer, as well as the original Professional AED Trainer.

What happened to the pediatric training pads?

All of PRESTAN’s training pads have incorporated a dual-graphic illustration. This eliminates the need to switch pads mid-session when teaching both adult and child CPR. The Pediatric Training Pads and Case have been discontinued.

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